The automotive industry, like everything else, is changing rapidly. The cars are changing, the marketing is changing, technology is changing and so is who is buying cars. 

The way people shop for cars is also changing and in order to remain competitive, automotive marketing needs to keep up with them. One of the best ways to get your message out is on YouTube.

Here are 3 ways YouTube can help increase your sales and customer base. 

1. Extended Reach

With millions of visitors every day, the number of people your ad could reach is also in the millions. There are a few ways you can use YouTube for your marketing strategy. 

Instream TrueView Ads: Ads that run before a video can be bought for far less than ads on television or other mediums. They are shown before certain videos people come to watch and have the option of letting the viewer skip the ad after a few seconds in. There are also options for clicking on a link that will take viewers to your website or offer contact links. 

Non-Skippable Ads: These are ads that force the viewer to watch the entire video and are not always that popular with viewers. There is a high abandonment rate with these types of ads. They can appear at the beginning or the middle of the video.

Banners: Banner ads are those that pop up at the bottom of the screen and can be clicked off or run their course. If the video allows ads to be run, which many do, then advertisers can buy time for these spaces. On popular videos such as music, influencers and clips from favorite shows, you can reach a lot of people.

Your Own YouTube Channel: It is very easy to open your own channel and play whatever videos you like for marketing, information and customer service. Videos are a very popular choice for advertising and making interesting, artistic or even interactive videos for your own channel can garner a lot of views and interest. You can use this to link to all your other social media platforms and allow people more insight into who you are and what you have to offer. It opens up many more possibilities than what your ads are doing.

2. Provide More Information

People use the internet to shop long before they leave their home or office. Why not have videos of new products available for people to see first hand what they can expect.

These videos can be more than just ads. Take viewers on a hand-held tour of the car, it’s features that includes demos, voice-overs, and how-tos. It’s a virtual walk around and tire-kicking experience for the customer.

You can show so much more than what the regular ad shows. You can talk directly to the potential customer via their screens and show them all the features and provide details that can’t be included in a regular ad.

It also allows you to be far more creative than a regular ad would, that is meant to sell. You can use graphics, humor, animation and all kinds of fun ways to peak the interests of people watching your ad who may not even know you exist.

3. Put the Customer in The Driver’s Seat

With all the information they need right at their fingertips, that’s half your job done. Let the customer look at what you have to offer and do their own comparison shopping from home.

The ad gets them off their couch and on your lot. When they can access your lot from home, they need to be impressed enough to come in. The right ads or videos should answer all their questions and encourage them to come to visit you.

People like to think they made their own decision about these things and you have allowed them to do that. With your ads and those of your competition, they can compare prices, deals, locations and should be able to make informed decisions based on that.

Your ads and videos need to encourage them to come in and see for themselves how great the experience will be. Show them why they should come into your store and what is waiting for them, when they do.


Next to Google, YouTube is the largest search engine. It’s also one of the biggest platforms worldwide for watching and uploading content. With millions of viewers every day, it makes great sense to post your own content there.

Ads and more intimate and intricate videos will help customers find what they are looking for. From up-close details on the features to happy customer testimonials, you can’t go wrong with YouTube.


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