Staying competitive in the automotive market means staying one step ahead. If you are not using video marketing to sell cars, you are missing out. What better way to show off your product than taking it right to your customer’s hands.

People shopping for cars now do most of the legwork before they ever get to the lot. That’s why a great video can boost your sales and get more people in your showroom.

Here are five ways to use video marketing to your sales advantage:

1. Deliver your Product

Savvy shoppers do almost all their homework online before they even leave their home. By making a great video you can send it out on all your social media platforms, post it to your website and put links in your email campaigns.

You can post them on your YouTube channel and link all your other sites together to ensure your potential customers don’t miss you and your products. Even if you don’t have your own YouTube channel, you can buy space on another one for a wider reach.

A short video that’s to the point can reach thousands of people if it is interesting and shareable. You already have the audience right there on their phone and laptop. Just send it to them.

2. Customer Testimonials

People looking for anything from a new dentist to a good craft store check online. They also read reviews. By using actual satisfied customers to promote your business, it adds a layer of truth.

People are often leery of what a business owner says, in particular, with cars. Let them tell your potential customers about the great deal and service for you. People believe reviewers over business owners.

If you have written testimonials on your website, include then in a video, as well. A satisfied customer can really help boost your sales and they are far more believable as they come across as genuine and honest.

3. Promote New Products

What better way to show off some new automobiles coming in than a detailed video. A slick video of the car in motion, close-up footage of the features in action and a privileged sneak peek at the new models gets people excited.

You can make a video that provided the customer with a complete walk around the vehicle, a drive along and a close look at the types of features they may be interested in.

Include the space in the back seat, dashboard features, trunk size and any other perks that are provided with this car. Let them see the new models before they even hit your lot to get people interested.

4. Provide More Information

People would much rather watch a video than have to read text. A video can relay so much information than almost any other medium. People are almost always staring at their screens, so you already have a captive audience.

You can deliver all the answers to the questions before they even ask them. It’s a great way to promote the product by showing it and talking about it at the same time, even when the customer isn’t there.

A video allows you to grab people’s interest in areas they may not have even been aware of. People looking at your video will already be in the market for a car, so give them what they need.

5. Video Enhancements

A great video can be more than just showing off a new vehicle. You can use added features in post-production to make the video so much more than a car video. You can use animations to show more features and add some eye candy to it.

You can integrate a story, as well. Make a whole storyboard, incorporate some humor and special effects. These make the video much more memorable and people will be more inclined to share it on their own social media platforms.

Staying competitive means staying creative. Anything fun and interesting you can add will give you the extra edge over the competition. Using your own staff can also add a nice sense of family, trust and realism.

Extra: Use Your Own Logo

You may also have a mascot or character that serves as your logo. Use that. An animated character can take more liberties, add a great humorous or entertaining angle and keep people interested.

People relate to logos and mascots so it is in your best interest to use it. People also like to laugh and humor can be used in a tactful and classy way. It makes it so much more interesting than just watching a car video drive around curves.

An amateur video reflects poorly on the entire business, services & products. On the other hand, A high quality, professional video will give others the impression that you everything you do is high quality. So, while anyone can make a video on their phone, make sure you invest thousands in a professional grade video.