Keeping competitive is challenging in any market, but somehow even more so in the automotive industry. Changing marketing strategies, changing technology and the people who are buying cars are also changing..

Marketers need to be one step ahead. This means always knowing what the competition is doing. It also means staying current on marketing trends. Here are a few tips that will help.

1. Use All Platforms

By using all available you increase your chances of reaching far more people. You can link all your platforms to your website and use a call to action links on all content you send out.

2. Use Video

A great video not only makes for a great car ad but it gives you the opportunity to provide your customers with far more information. You can give them a virtual tour of the car and your dealership.

People want to watch something rather than read something. It shouldn’t be boring old content, either. You can use video to your advantage by showing people exactly what they need to see. 

2. Use Video

Banners: Banner ads are those that pop up at the bottom of the screen and can be clicked off or run their course. If the video allows ads to be run, which many do, then advertisers can buy time for these spaces. On popular videos such as music, influencers and clips from favorite shows, you can reach a lot of people.

3. Get Creative

If there was ever a time to break out of the mold, it’s now. The advances in technology have opened the doors for creative, fun, humorous and highly artistic content when it comes to video. Don’t be afraid to really use your imagination and grab theirs.

Using humor to tell your story make the video much more watchable, sharable and will be remembered longer. It takes nothing away from the vehicle itself to get artistic or creative. Show them you are different. A car is a car, after all, it’s you they come to see.

4. Don’t Forget Old School

Not everyone is glued to their screens. Good old tactics like networking with flyers, business cards and signage on your store, on billboards, on buses and on your company cars are still a viable way to increase your brand.

5. Use Your Reviews

A few bad reviews can make a big difference to people looking for a new car. But as you would use the good reviews, also acknowledge the negative ones. Reply to them in the comments and openly ask what you can do to help.

Use the positives ones as happy customer testimony on your website, in your videos and as add-ons on other content. People are more apt to listen to people who have been there.

6. Get All Up in Your Community

A strong community presence is very important. That kind of publicity spreads fast and it’s free. Get involved in local events and functions. Donate a car for charity or lend one for the baseball team’s away games.

Supply pizza for the high school prom, host an event that doesn’t have to do with car sales and take part in all annual festivals in your area. Get your name on a prize for something like a scholarship. People notice.

This may also include sponsoring the high school’s drivers ed program. You could have advertising on the car, supply save driving talks or even loan them the cars for the driving lessons.

7. Free Stuff and Incentives

The cost to you is very minimal and it engages with people who may not always be looking at your business. Offer free car washes or oil changes to people via Twitter or other platforms. This could be in the form of a trivia question based around something to do with cars.

Have one every day or once a week, to start. People like free stuff and even if they don’t use it, they will pass it on to someone else. You can never tell how far that pen or ball cap will travel.

8. Customer Service

What do we want and when do we want it? Allow your customers to contact you or your service department through apps. There are several to choose from and this way they can get a message through rather than sitting on hold or a busy signal.

9. Top-ranked Content

You need to have content that brings you to the top of internet search engines. This means SEO keywords, being accessible through voice-activated prompts and useful information.

It also helps to have a very user-friendly website. People have no patience when it comes to having to waste a full 30 seconds trying to locate something. They are more likely to go to the next offer rather than mess about on yours.

BONUS: Push The Envelope!

Don’t be afraid to try something new and adventurous. Why follow what everyone else is doing? Be your own person and let your dealership reflect what message you are trying to present.

People can buy the same car anywhere, what they are looking for is a personal touch, a little something out of the ordinary and someone they can relate to. Dare to be bold and different.


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