You could ask your boss how to make a better ad campaign for your auto dealership. What, though, are the chances of your boss knowing anything about marketing or creating an auto dealership marketing campaign? The odds are not in your favor.

Your boss knows about cars, not marketing. That is why you need a marketing specialist, in specific, an automotive marketing specialist to help.

We are in the digital age, The technology we used five years ago is not always helpful.

Auto shop marketing is not the same as other marketing campaigns. There are at least seven layers of auto marketing, some most people do not know about. We break down those layers below with a brief explanation of each one.

1) SEO or Search Engine Optimization (Organic Search)

The first group is the SEO portion. Marketing auto parts using SEO is a different ballgame than other forms of SEO. You are targeting a specific crowd, including car enthusiasts, dealers, and other car-related personnel. There is a great deal of study in and work placed on finding those niche audiences. Some of that work includes using videos for social media and photos for social media.

Google algorithms change every day, sometimes every few minutes. That is why you need someone who will pinpoint the changes in real-time. Sometimes the person who is interested in knowing about cars today is not interested tomorrow.

It is a one-off thing. However, the information has to be relevant for the one-off research though. The one-off research might not be as intensive as someone passionate about marketing auto parts, but the content still needs to fit into place. That way it can be used for someone else interested in doing something similar. That also includes off-age searches, online searches, and keyword hunting.

2) SEM or Search Engine Marketing (Paid Search)

The second portion is the one that pays. SEM is different than SEO. Search Engine Optimization deals with making the most of what you have with your content to find an audience.

The SEM(Search Engine Marketing) is similar in most respects, but, this time the audience is already there. The other difference is you are offering a paid product to your audience.

That can come in handy when you are dealing with auto dealership marketing, auto repair marketing, and auto parts marketing. The best way to entice a customer to buy something is by offering another product along with it. That is where SEM comes into play.

Your auto dealer will know which products to offer with what the best. It is a return on the investment. However, that investment is not going to bring back a high return unless you know how to market your product line.

One way to do that is to work with social media marketing. There are different types of social media marketing, including social media marketing, Facebook marketing, and
Instagram marketing. Figure out which platform works better for you. Maybe all of them work well for your brand.

The point is to use the platform to promote your SEM. Your clients check their social media feeds more than you think. They will see the offer and want to know more. It is amazing how one social media post can influence your client’s minds.

3) Content Marketing

Words say and mean different things. How much do you post each month for your auto shop? Studies show that sites that post more than ten times a month get more traffic.

You cannot post one thing and expect the stampede to come driving through. It does not work like that. That is also one reason why some people fail as influencers on Instagram. They do not know how to use it correctly. They get frustrated and leave.

Try to stay focused on places like Instagram and Facebook. Ask your marketing consultant to help. They know how, when, and why to post something. Make sure you are staying on point with your content too. Too many words and uses of a word are going to going to confuse your crowd. I say that as a warning, but some people do not have a problem with that.

Auto dealers want to get their products out and sold. It is a cut and dry situation for an auto dealership.

4) Social Media

Remember, some social media platforms take longer to see the results, like Instagram, That is why you cannot get frustrated and give up. Remember, if you build it, they will come. It just might take some time!


You can also read more information at https://www.ballantine.com/the-ultimate-guide-digital-marketing-car-dealerships/ on developing a good marketing plan for an auto dealership.