Technology today allows everyone with a cell phone to make a video. From cats playing the piano to crazy stunts, the internet is chockfull of them. A study conducted by Wyzowl says that 79% of consumers prefer watching video to reading about a product. So, it makes sense to use video for marketing your brand, products & services.

Using video for automotive marketing, whether it’s cars, auto repair shops or auto parts is an effective and inexpensive way to get more sales. You can give consumers a lot of information or inspiration in a short video that will reach many potential customers in your market.

Here are a few benefits of using video marketing:


Making a video is as easy as pointing a cell phone. While you may opt for better quality, making a video is a quick and inexpensive way of making a powerful marketing tool.

It can be done quickly and be finished in no time, which means it’s already working for you. A professional video doesn’t need to cost the earth and eat up your marketing budget.


While a professional video won’t exactly be cheap, the return for your investment will outweigh that. Videos are also recyclable. You can edit them, take single frames for pictures on social media and make GIFs.

You can also edit them to add more information, change information, add in testimonials and customer comments and reviews. A video has a long life span and is easily edited for your needs.

Rank Higher in Internet Search

Videos appear at the top of an internet search because people love them. People would much rather watch a video than read a lot of text. Having a video on your website increases visits and that moves you up in ranking.

SEO content isn’t just for blogs. Internet searches now recognize content in videos and move them further up the search results list. Because people prefer to watch something over reading something, your ranking will be at the top every time.

More Shareable

Using a video draws attention and that means people will share it more. Using humor, great content and an emotional message have the ability to reach more people.

Perfect For Social Media

A great video can be placed on all your social media platforms. This means more people will see it and share it. It will also boost your ranking when people search for cars or auto parts.

Putting your video on as many platforms as you can make perfect sense. Because most of them are all connected now, you can expect them to be seen by a larger audience. 

This means Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any others you use. Have easy connections from your website to all of your platforms to make sure people can find them all.

Captive Audience

Playing to those who never put down their phones is a great way to market with video. People stuck on transit or on their break at work are staring at their phones.

They are far more likely to click on an interesting video than read a bunch of text on their phone. A quick, slick video will be watched more than once and remembered.

Clear Message

Using a video is the perfect way to explain something, show something and prove something. Showing your audience how something works or how to put it together.

Walk-through videos are extremely popular from how to fix your plumbing problems to how to make lasagna. Seeing is believing, so let them see what you have to offer.

People Trust Videos

Build trust in your company and product with video marketing. People believe what they see. It builds trust and confidence when people can see your product, see it being used and see it doing what it is meant to do.

What better way is there to prove your point that to actually show it in action? People relate far better to actions they can see rather than reading about it. A video can send a powerful message to people.

Variety of Options

Video opens up the door for so many options. You can use humor, animation, make it artsy, use black and white, flashing color, music and so much more. You can make a video to match your targeted audience, so the same video can have small adjustments and edits to suit the audience.

It’s very easy to add overlays to videos, animation for all or some of it, celebrity endorsements, and develop your own mascot or relatable character. It makes your product and service relatable and memorable.

Just Push Play

If you aren’t using video, you really should. It’s the most effective way to reach more people. People love to watch videos and one that people can relate to means they will watch it more than once and share it with their friends and family.

The potential reach can be enormous and the return you get on your investment will be well worth it. Videos are the way to go for all your automotive marketing needs.