Marketing is one of the toughest aspects of owning a business, but it is the most crucial part. Automotive marketing can be a little tricky. People buy cars every day. Knowing how to get people into a dealership will be difficult if you don’t have a way of getting your name out there. Luckily, there is software that can help with that. Auto dealership marketing helps car dealers market their businesses and improve their customer base. The software would allow car dealers to get more leads which would bring on more sales. Below you will find the top 5 automotive marketing software.

5. SpinCar

SpinCar could be very beneficial to a car dealer. This software offers online marketplaces and OEMs. This software brings a showroom experience to the buyer wherever and whenever they want. SpinCar offers proprietary software that will allow car dealers to give consumers a personalized car buying experience. SpinCar lets you update your inventory within minutes, build trust with consumers through transparency, identify certain shopper interest and maintain shopper interest with digital retargeting. 

4. Craiglist Posting Manager

Now we have all heard things about Craiglist. Good and bad. In fact, you may have heard some things that will make you a little apprehensive about using anything related to Craiglist, but never fear Craiglist Posting Manager is here. This software allows car dealers to post their inventory on Craiglist.

You can customize posts and ads whenever you want. This will drive potential customers to your dealership. You can choose how many posts are posted per day and when they are posted. You can also control your budget by spreading out your post and adds over the month. You only spend as much as you want.

3. Dealer.com

Dealer.com could be a great asset to your business. This software allows you to create a user-friendly environment. With this program, you can create your digital dealership through an interface, program-wide analytics, and training sources that come together to create a customizable mobile-friendly solution. With Dealer.com you will have access to automotive digital marketing, targeted advertising campaigns and custom digital content. You will also have access to social and creative experts.

Having access to these experts will help you better promote your business which will bring in more customers. A lot of your marketing will be done through social media so having an expert that can help you navigate those waters would be beneficial. It’s not just about taking photos for social media, you also must know what captions to post and the tags to use. An expert could help with that.

2. Dealer Car Search

This software is a wide-ranging group of products that any car dealership can use. This software comes with CRM system, website builder, inventory and reputation management. All these things will allow you to connect with customers and gain more sales and exposure. With this software, you will have access to digital retailing, Facebook marketplace, Craiglist posting, and integrated lead management.

Most of your marketing will take place online and Facebook is a great place to do it and this software helps you set it up. Facebook Marketing consists of placing ads on Facebook and posting in their seller groups. You can even create a Facebook page that will allow you to connect with consumers. The more you connect with consumers the more likely they are to buy from you or tell their friends about you.

1. Carsforsale.com

Carsforsale.com has been a trusted provider of software for car dealers for over 20 years. This software comes with a comprehensive group of dealership tools. Their advertising software gives you leads by showing your inventory to over 8 million consumers a month. Along with consumer exposure, car dealers will be able to access 35 tools that will provide them with lead generation, inventory management, responsive websites, social media tools, hands-on support, analytics, and their advertising platform. There are no hidden costs or fees.


Marketing can be tough for any business. But for your business to be successful you need to get the word out. You need to show consumers your inventory and how the products you are selling could be beneficial to them. Having an automotive marketing plan and using auto dealer marketing software can only help you when it comes to marketing your dealership. Running your business isn’t something you need to do alone. Some of the software on this list have an automotive marketing specialist that will help you create a marketing plan that will work for your business. Marketing these days doesn’t happen in a newspaper but instead, most marketing comes from your business’s presence online. Social Media Marketing is crucial. Using sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter can help get the word out about your dealership and it can help drive consumers to your website.